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What Types of Doctors Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is generally not a topic that men want to discuss with friends and family members. Despite the frequent television ads that make the problem seem all too common, many men with the condition experience unnecessary shame or embarrassment.

When they want to seek treatment, they may not know what type of doctor can treat the condition, and they may be too embarrassed to ask friends for recommendations. There is no need to be ashamed since many men suffer from ED at some point in their lives, and there are remedies for most cases of erectile dysfunction. Different medical specialists may treat erectile dysfunction depending on the cause.

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Start with your primary care physician

The easiest and best place to seek treatment is with your primary care physician. This doctor probably knows your medical history and can evaluate whether there may be an underlying cause for ED, or if it may be caused by something as simple as stress or overwork. Some cases of ED are caused by overweight or lack of exercise, both of which narrow blood vessels and make it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.

If the doctor suspects that this is the cause, he or she can help with advice on a diet and exercise plan that may help ED resolve on its own. Diet and exercise also help if the underlying cause is depression or stress. Some primary care physicians are comfortable treating these conditions with medications in addition to the ED prescription, while others may refer the patient to a therapist for evaluation and treatment. Primary care physicians can prescribe medication that can help resolve ED. They can also refer you to a specialist if they suspect a different cause for the symptom.


If the primary care physician feels it’s warranted, he or she may refer the patient to a Urologist to rule out more serious underlying causes. Urologists are experienced in treating ED, and have special expertise in resolving cases caused by cancer, radiation, and surgery or prostate issues. A urologist may also prescribe medications to help with ED.

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists

If the primary care physician suspects that the cause of ED is depression, he or she may refer the patient to a psychologist or other therapist specializing in treating depression. The therapist may treat the ED with a prescription, and the depression with a different prescription. Many specialists can treat Erectile Dysfunction, and there are many treatments and remedies available. There is no need for anyone suffering from ED to suffer in silence when there are so many experienced doctors with expertise in resolving the symptom and its causes.

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