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coconut water

What Everyone Should Know About Coconut Water

If you walked into our kitchen and opened the fridge the first thing you are most likely to notice is the abundance of coconut water!

We use Coconut Water in a lot of our smoothie recipes. We love that it’s light, fresh and compliments the StayStrongMummy Coconut Whey Protein Blend to a T!

Coconut water has so many Super health benefits – check out some of our favourite below.

  • Coconut water helps increase your metabolism and is the perfect replacement for soft drinks and sugar laden sports drinks, its contains 5gm of sugars compared to 15-25gm in some sports beverages
  • It is extremely hydrating, and a natural isotonic that contains 15 times more potassium than more sports drinks. It’s also a great hangover cure!
  • Coconut water is nutrient dense and can help you feel full for longer leaving you to less likely to snack on unhealthy snacks
  • It moisturises your skin from the inside out, which explains why so many skin care companies use coconut in their products
  • Coconut water is so pure it contains the same electrolyte balance found in our blood. The amazing thing is developing countries use it intravenously when medical saline is not available
  • Coconuts high fibre content can help a sluggish digestion, soothe reflux, indigestion and stomach upsets
  • Coconut water is an antibacterial it is used to kill lipid-coated viruses such as HIV,  and various pathogenic bacteria. It can also help reduce vomiting (super handy for the kiddies when they are sick)
  • Coconut water is alkalizing and helps increase the body’s PH levels, reduce acidity in the body that can cause inflammation

Which brand is best?

  • Look for 100% Natural Coconut Water
  • Check for any additives or sweeteners

We love Jt’s coconut essence, it is 100% natural, has a lovely mild flavour is reasonably priced and comes in a variety of sizes.

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